EK Archery Exterminator Compound Bow

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Product Description

The Exterminator bow from EK Archery is a powerful, quiet, and very well made compound bow which is suited to the adult shooter of today with a draw weight of between 15 - 70lbs depending on how the bow is set up. The bow also has a let off of 75% for precise aiming once drawn. 

The riser is made from high quality aluminium which is then CNC machined to ensure that the angles and lengths are very precise for a quality and solid feel at all times. Attached to this riser are the compressed fibreglass limbs which are assembled in a quad limb design to maximise power in a small footprint. 

The Cams are also made from CNC machined aluminium which provides a crisp, fast, and smooth power delivery so that the best possible accuracy can be achieved.

Also available as a pack with the following accessories : 1. DELUXE-BISCUIT REST 2. 3-PIN PLASTIC OPTICAL SIGHT 3. 3-ARROW QUIVER 4. 2 x 30" CARBON ARROWS 5. PEEP SIGHT

If you have any questions about this product, don't hesitate to email us at bob@regael.com where we will get back to you as soon as we can with the relevant information.

EK Archery Exterminator Compound Bow