EK Archery Accelerator 410+ Compound Crossbow - 185lbs

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Product Description

The Accelerator from EK archer features a reinforced composite stock that keeps the crossbow both light and strong and the textured AR style grip increase control over shot placement. The trigger has a pull weight of around 3.5lb with a crisp let off and also features an anti-dry fire mechanism that prevents the leading cause of crossbow malfunction.

The crossbow features a picatinny rail that is suitable for all kinds of optics and comes with a 4x32 crossbow scope to get you shooting, straight out of the box. The durable quad limb system is made from compressed fibreglass to keep the entire crossbow strong and accurate.

Package Includes... 4x32 Crossbow Scope Cocking Rope Shoulder Sling 6 Bolt Quiver Foldable AR Style Grip String Stopper 3 x 20" Carbon Bolts String Wax Goggles

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EK Archery Accelerator 410+ Compound Crossbow - 185lbs